Detective Pikachu, the first live-action movie with Pokémon as protagonists is expected for this 10 May in the states, but what does the director think about the feature film about the most famous hedgehog movie in the world?

Rob Letterman, director of the Pikachu film, spoke with the guys from The Verge about the new design to be applied on Sonic. Letterman admits that the people behind the blue hedgehog film are now in a difficult position given the change of design that the character will have to undergo before being released in theaters.

Detective Pikachu

Letterman states that if a similar situation had arisen with the design of Pikachu or companions, it would have been impossible to fix for his team.

"We spent a year designing all the characters before shooting and making sure everything went well. If we had missed even one part of Pikachu, Justice Smith's performance would have gone right out the window. It would have been impossible for us, but that doesn't mean they can't make it. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes - I'm in a difficult time "

The director goes on to explain how they managed to create credible Pokemon, working closely with The Pokémon Company and studying animal behavior.

"We have studied a lot of animals, how they behave and how they interact so we can be sure we did well ... Bulldogs especially for Bulbasaur, how they react in packs and how they come to ask for attention. "

I mean, not even the guys behind Detective Pikachu's movie, outgoing this 10 May in the United States, they had an easy life. Do you think the team working on the Sonic movie will be able to fix the character's design before the November release?

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