Tomorrow, 9 May, the eagerly awaited film will arrive in cinemas Detective Pikachu, inspired by the eponymous video game for Nintendo 3DS.

Warner Bros. e The Pokémon Company are focusing a lot on this film, with an aggressive marketing campaign, and everything seemed to have been thwarted by a user who published the entire film, with exceptional quality, on YouTube.

Didn't you wait any more to see it? Did you click on the Play button to enjoy Detective Pikachu for free? Then you probably have already discovered that it was all a trollata.

The user who uploaded this video is hiding behind the pseudonym of Inspector Pikachu, but apparently there would be zampino just Ryan Reynolds, the actor who lent his voice to the electric Pokémon. The video, lasting an hour and forty minutes, is nothing more than a looped Pikachu movie after some sequences that actually suggest a real film leak.

Another publicity stunt that it promotes Detective Pikachu optimally, after this trollata you can't miss the theatrical release, from tomorrow 9 May!