Several major videogames are betting a lot on future area of distribution of videogames. While today we are now firmly rooted in the digital delivering era, there will come a day when perhaps most of the games Sara accessible through subscription services. As a sort of "buffet" of digital content available. A bit like the "play instantly" movie content so dear to cinema and TV fans thanks to Netflix, For instance. 

EA was the first to market that service when it launched EA Access su Xbox One. After making the service available to the PC users theLast year, the Canadian giant will finally offer the customer service of Playstation 4.


For those who are not familiar with EA Access,subscription the 3,99 € per month (o 24,99 € per year). It offers the customer unlimited access to a wide selection of games by EA. Games like: Star Wars: Battlefront II e Burnout Paradise: Remastered are available with EA Access and can be played subscription, without limits of time. The only limit is the hard disk space. Both on consoles and on PC.

Ea Access for Ps4
Ea Access also on PS4


EA Access subscribers can also have other advantages. Early access to EA's most recent titles for 10 hours trial periods, primarily. Subscribers will also receive an 10% discount on all full-price game purchases. In addition to downloadable content and in-game items purchased through the service. Matt Bilbey, Executive VP di Strategic Growth said:

"As we continue to invest in digital services and subscription services, bringing great games to even more players on multiple platforms is an exciting opportunity for everyone."

Still Billbey then went on to say:

"Our goal is to offer players more choice to try and play our games wherever and however they choose, and we're happy to bring EA Access to PlayStation 4."


Nothing has transpired about whether EA is planning to bring its premium PC subscription service, known as EA Origin Premiere, even on consoles in the near future. Owners of Ps4 e Xbox One in this regard, cross your fingers!