THEvisceral love of a good slice of the gamer so much towards the souls (Dark Souls in the first place) as of anime is now out of the question. Bandai Namco feeds many expectations about his upcoming killer application, that is Code Vein. In the hope that the title in question can be successful among gamers.

Code Vein represents the perfect combination of the most classic of anime, aesthetically speaking, and i souls-like. Thanks, for what concerns the latter, to a gameplay strongly influenced by Dark Souls.

The videos in this article show exclusive clips from gameplay which refer to initial moments of Code Vein. There is also the section of the tutoriall initial of story mode. Then you immediately dive into the most agitated phases of the game.

The main character is awakened by a mysterious figure (a girl dressed in white as you will see in the video). The player, complete with an Afro cut (thanks to the personalization of his character) can begin to follow the damsel on her way to the unknown.

In this second video of Code Vein we find ourselves a little further on with the continuation area of   history. In fact, following the protagonist in his adventures, he will meet some intriguing characters, including a group of individuals known as revenants. Through some dialogues, we discover that the latter are constantly searching for blood. Code Vein, in fact, is set in a post-apocalyptic future that teems with vampires.

Fans of the souls will go to the trouble of assisting, in Code Vein, to some of the classic Action-Rpg mechanics present in the Souls. The carefully considered attacks and the management of the resistance seem to be of great importance in this regard. While all that corollary of game mechanics, from which From Software has accustomed us, is present especially in vampires.

The game, announced for this year, He has not one more date certain output.