I don't think it's the first time the first chapter of The Witcher has been offered for free on the net, but who are we to not spread the word?

The first The Witcher is available free to players with an account on GOG.com, with the aim of promoting Gwent, the spin-off card game of the famous series.

If you have an account GOG.com go to this link and click on the huge orange button with "Subscribe and Claim"To secure your free copy.

Once you have downloaded the site client you MUST proceed to subscribe to their newsletter and as part of the promotion you will also need to add Gwent to your library, although installation is not necessary, but even this game is free, so I don't see why not give it an opportunity !.

Even Gwent has its charm!

After completing all these steps, the enhanced version of The Witcher it will be yours forever. But then you will have to continue with the second and third chapter, because the saga really deserves!