10 years have passed well since the release of Minecraft and there are still many i projects and the news that it still manages to bring with it. Let's see in this press release what awaits us to celebrate the anniversary.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its birth, Minecraft unveiled the new augmented reality mobile game Minecraft Earth, playable on iOS and Android.

Here are some details of the new Minecraft experience:

  • Experience new adventures: With Minecraft Earth, the player can explore the real world in search of blocks, trunks or creatures called Tappables. Walking, you will also come across the Adventures, small portions of Minecraft worlds in augmented reality, which will turn the pavement into a diamond mine or the trees in the park into skeletal hiding places ready to do some trick. Players will collect resources, fight creatures and gain experience points to progress through the game. 
  • Collect, explore and survive: Minecraft Earth will present many creatures of Minecraft Vanilla that fans already know and love, along with other new ones. Over time, players will be able to discover and collect unique variations and use them to populate buildings, gain resources and take on new challenges. 
  • Let yourself be surrounded by the creations of the Minecraft world: Minecraft Earth players will be able to build their own permanent creations with Build Plates, the best manifestation of Vanilla's creative spirit. You can create it in small rooms, like a desk, interacting from above or positioning the Build Plates on the ground to admire the open-air and life-size creations.
  • The collaborative multiplayer: Optimized for multiplayer experiences, anyone with an AR-capable smartphone and installed "Minecraft Earth" will be able to quickly join another session and have fun together.
  • Technology and imagination: Minecraft Earth combines the cutting-edge technologies of Microsoft, such as monitoring Azure space anchors, with PlayFab to give life to an advanced gaming experience in augmented reality.

For ten years, Minecraft has continued to grow: the hours of Code session completed are almost 130 million and 176 millions of copies of the basic version of the game have been sold worldwide.

To learn more about Minecraft Earth and sign up for the opportunity to enter this summer's closed beta, visit the page Minecraft.net/earth and follow the Twitter page @MinecraftEarth.

The complete announcement is available at Minecraft.net, while you can watch the trailer here . On Xbox Wire You can also read comments on the game by the creative director of Minecraft Saxs Persson.

Minecraft also took the opportunity to remember the return of MINECON, with the new name MINECON Live, which the international community can follow on Minecraft.net and the other Minecraft channels on September 28. You can find out more details and watch the trailer for the ad Let us know if you have any suggestions