It is never too late an hour to grab a free game, this time up Humble Bundle. For our section Free is Beautiful we recommend you Jalopy, a very special title both for its aesthetics and its concept.

Il Berlin Wallor has just fallen and the protagonist, together with his uncle, sets off from East Berlin towards Istanbul aboard an old Laika model car, inspired by the Trabant 601. During the journey you will travel through Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey on a journey that will take you to visit the cities in search of resources to keep your cat on its feet so that you do not abandon yourself during the journey.

The game was made by Minskworks, an indie study composed of the solo Greg Pryjmachuk, and was much appreciated.

It will be possible to download Jalopy free from Humble Bundle again for two days. Get on board the Laika and don't miss the chance to try such a special title.