THQ Nordic seems to have no limits in this period and continues with his plan to become the Disney of the videogame world.

A report presented by the company during the week quotes: "During this time we have signed multiple new projects, along with a new agreement with 4A Games, the developers of the franchise Metro, for their upcoming AAA project, still unveiled. At the end of the quarter, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver e Coffee Stain have 80 games in development, of which 48 titles still not announced ". The reference period includes the time span from January 2018 to March 2019.

Among the latest acquisitions of THQ Nordic, we remember that of Piranha Bytes, authors of games like Gothic, Risen ed ELEX.

Elex is also part of the THQ Nordic team

If you have, desire, time and competence to read the whole report you can find it at this link.