The Overwatch Workshop has managed, over time, to bring out amusing and noteworthy additional mods and content. You know, the community, when pushed, often manages to give the best of itself. This time, however, the result is truly fantastic. A Reddit user, such ajfis3, has managed to recreate the Super Smash Bros. gaming experience directly on Overwatch. 

Smashwatch, this is the name of the work, was "presented" yesterday with a post on Reddit containing a trailer / gamepley of about 2 minutes. The result is truly amazing: the HUD is practically identical to that of the Super Smash Bros. titles., as well as the map (strictly in 2D) and the gameplay (there are double jumps, the shield, the parades). All you need to play is the WASD keys and the space bar. Furthermore, it is possible to play this small masterpiece up to 12 players simultaneously.

Probably many of you will have already guessed the main problem of the matter. He is Japanese, earns from 20 years and hates anyone who creates content (non-profit) using his intellectual property: yes, let's talk about Nintendo. For now ajfis3 does not seem to have received any kind of warning or warning, even though many of the contents (especially the most "copied" ones) have been cleverly not proposed in the presentation trailer. We therefore advise you, if you want to try Smashwatch, to download it as soon as possible and play it before it is knocked out.