Finally we have the proof: the series on The Witcher will and above all, it will be reality. In fact, the filming of the first season of the highly anticipated Netflix series was concluded. The confirmation comes both from Henry Cavill, lead actor who will play Geralt, and from Lauren Hissrich, showrunner of the series.

Henry Cavill posted a photo on his Instagram profile yesterday, posing during a "make-up and wig" phase. "It was an incredible journey, all the cast and crew have worked continuously and I'm proud of them", the actor comments. "All these alarm clocks at 3 in the morning were worth it!"He concludes.

Lauren S. Hissrich instead preferred a tweet in which he thanks the whole team for the fantastic work done. "It was the best year of my life", concludes Hissrich.

It is fair to point out that both speak explicitly of "first season". What other seasons are already planned? Probably, as it should be, Netflix will wait for the results of the first series dedicated to The Witcher before commissioning others. His huge videogame success could suggest a guaranteed success for his "cinematographic" adaptation: unfortunately there are precedents on how it doesn't always end up like this. One thing is certain: the first series of The Witcher is ready! It's just a matter of time. Though some rumors about the release date it's already leaked ...