The new chapter of the adventure Big shot in Dalaran, Entitled The Undergrounds, is now available for Heartstone. Let's see some more details in the following press release.

Domabombe Boom has everything it needs to get its plan started. The vault was plundered, the prisoners of the Violet Fortress were freed and the chaos was littered in the streets of Dalaran. It's time to begin preparations for the grand finale of the Evil Legion of the Evil plan: to steal the entire magical city! However, first the Domabombe Boom needs you to take care of some nuisances ...

Today you can take a look at the fourth chapter: The Undergrounds.

All materials related to Hearthstone, The Rise of Shadows and Big Shot in Dalaran are available to this link .

What is the next move?

The dungeons are full of slime, melmine, gas, liquids and mud. Keep the Beasts of the Dungeon at bay long enough to allow Domabombe Boom to hook its very safe and thoroughly tested rockets to the magical city. After that, it will be EVERYTHING READY FOR THE DEPARTURE!

All minions played in the dungeons will have Attack and Health exchanged. Choose your cards carefully!

Who will do the dirty work?

The right hook of Mr. Chu, Warrior Pandaren and bodyguard on the black market, is notoriously very powerful, so be careful not to speak out of his haircut.

Druids can take many forms. For Schifizzosa, a very rare Druid Cobolda, these shapes include that of rat, turtle and hedgehog.

Just like the other big shot anti-heroes in Dalaran, even Mr. Chu and Schifizzosa will have to complete unique challenges in order to unlock two new Hero Powers each and defeat bosses to upgrade the initial deck selection options.