A press release reveals that Stuart Campbell, the art director of F1 sports titles, has introduced some noticeable graphic improvements related to lighting in the new chapter of F1 2019.

Stuart Campbell - F1 Art Director 2019 said: “Night lighting was one of our priorities for the graphic update of F1 2019. We worked on the atmospheric system that we introduced in F1 2018 for daylighting and we have further developed it for night circuits.

Now at night we have a full atmospheric haze on the tracks, which gives a real sense of depth. There is a lot of dust in the air on those circuits and, at night, the particles interact with the strong lighting. Atmospheric effects help create the whole scene and give a greater sense of realism. We added volumetric lighting to track lighting, which results in falling light cones from light sources, another key factor in making night lighting more realistic. Finally, we added nightly real-time reflections. These were not at all present in the previous games and made the night scenes rather flat and the surface materials ambiguous.

The specular additions have brought an enormous improvement to the quality of the materials of the night routes. The extra information provided on the surface allows you to see all the details of the same that were previously lost. The paint of the vehicle, in particular, looks incredible on the circuits at night and picks up the highlights of all those ground light sources that make it incredibly close to TV footage. "

F1 2019, the top title of Codemasters, will be available for PS4, Xbox One (including Xbox One X) and PC the 28 May.