My name is mud

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a classic Stars and Stripes truck driver driving your beloved truck, with the sole aim of freeing your loved one from the clutches of an evil koala circus magician who kidnapped her and drugged her, when at some point come across a redneck village of the chicory literally possessed (perhaps under the curse of the David Copperfield of the eucalyptus? Who knows!). Which is why, for mere love matters, you are ready to face an anthropomorphic ecosystem worthy of Fallout and My Name is Earl, among cows with a rotating machine gun, pigs with a ham used as a truncheon (wtf?), possessed bears that wander around on a unicycle, redneck clubs with more nails than teeth, fire from a fire with electrified flycatchers and more put it. Welcome to Creepy Road, an 2.5D platform with a cartoonish design that is quite impactful and with a gameplay that recalls in all its majesty Metal Slug.

Creepy Road 1
Robe absurd? Only on Creepy Road!

Shoot, dodge and blow up

The playability is very reminiscent of Death Village for PS3, but above all the stainless Metal Slug, also for what concerns the use of weapons as disparate as they are original: from the mega punch with a leather glove, to the electrified stick, passing through rifles, kalashnikov , pistols, flamethrowers, and dulcis in fundo, a magnetic rifle that turns your opponents into human excrements. In addition, of course, to the classic exploding paraphernalia, made up of bombs, Molotov cocktails and so on and so forth.

In Creepy Road you sometimes have to be careful not to rush over without realizing armed enemies to the teeth coming in the opposite direction. It would be necessary to have a rhythmic trend to be able to ascertain in time about who is going to arrive, especially in the presence of obstacles on the opposite side that stop you from escaping. As in Metal Slug, you also have the opportunity to shoot downwards, and upwards or to camp behind various types of obstacles, such as cars, harvest trucks or the classic garbage bins made in the USA. The most surprising thing about this title, besides the very rough / nonsense nature of everything around us (see the seagulls above that Asylum makes arthouse films in comparison) is the degree of involvement pad to hand. In addition to the aforementioned graphic cut, the interactable elements of the stage and the average level of difficulty expensive for those who have a minimum of practicality with the aforementioned genre, contribute to making this title a small milestone among the indies, remaining within everyone's reach. The degree of difficulty, in fact, brings it closer to a Cuphead than to a Rayman Legends to give you an example. Despite this, this title can well be approached to the group of modern platforms that take up the great tradition of the genre (with the aforementioned Ubisoft title, precisely, as the progenitor).

Creepy Road 2
A day at the lunka park

The physics of weapons sometimes leaves something to be desired, but nothing more can be expected from such a title. The opposite is true for the elements of interaction with the stage, as far as possible given the nature of the game, such as: cars, farms, carts to inflate the balloons in the amusement park and everything that could explode with a trigger flame. With the rear triggers and the triangle button you launch the explosives, with the front ones you change the weapons (graphically they could create a range of weapons available as a shooter but so be it!). The attack patterns of the enemies are on average predictable, but they increase in unpredictability with the increasing level of difficulty, except in the case in which they have more levels available through which to walk or camp to put you in difficulty as, as happens for example for the fire-breathing circus of the stage at the circus, even if taken individually they are not very difficult to defeat. Finally, the end-of-level Bosses are well donefrom the point of view of characterization, but finding their Achilles heel is not at all difficult: just do a little practice and figure out where to hit to be able to get by without too many paturnias.

Graphically very satisfying

The game has a very kitsch look. The fact that the title of Groovy Milk gathers all that corollary of stereotypes belonging to the years' 90 background pop, from clowns to rednecks and via discorrend) stands out from the mere point of view of design. The characterization of the characters, referring to what was said earlier, besides being of excellent workmanship, consists of several that suit the level you are going to face: ranging from the classic American factor with a pitchfork to cows with rotating cannons , seagulls that from above launch, obviously with the intent to hit you, of the swordfishes (which Sharknado scans right) to panda kamikazes that they circle on of the balloons from amusement park, to toxic Vikings. All possessed and all those who try to make you skin in a holy barbarian made of: blows, pickaxes and firearms. The explosions represent the only flaw in a rather cartoony-like graphic rendering, as well as fun and light-hearted, but not so much from a technical point of view as from a creative choice point of view: too bland on a chromatic level. A few more intense colors, especially in the fire propagation nucleus itself during the explosion, would not have been bad in my opinion. All things considered in the end. Lighting effects, smoke, transparencies, out-of-focus objects and a truly well-made graphic palette. It leads us qualitatively, thanks to the use of the Unreal Engine 4, to the latest screaming platforms.

Creepy Road 3
Pulled pork

Average sound sector

Speaking of sound, it appears to be a bit dated, at least as far as the "dubbing" of the main character is concerned, otherwise given the high volumes of mixing of some bad guys, he recalls in part Metal Slug. In this regard, the sentences pronounced above all by the main character, as well as by the clowns and the Vikings, are somewhat ironic (such as "god bless Kalashnikov" or stuff of this type) as well as characteristics and verisimilitude for the represented world. The music is very enjoyable, the effects fun.

Raw is beautiful

Creepy Road 5
Buzzicone on the road

Funny, satisfying, ironic, full of stereotypes of the most naked and crude America, crude than it can be: both for characterization of the characters, places, ritual phrases of the characters and so on. Creepy Road is a forced journey halfway between the most redneck and stereotyped America and the classic zombie-like concept between: genetic mutations, possessions and so on. It is played in all respects in a compulsive way by "struca el botton", as it often recalls the shooter par excellence that is the stainless third person shooter Metal Slug. V.edere a pig to strike you with a leg of ham it's like watching a chicken crush an egg on your head. Net of the fact that the reviewed version is on PC, but played on Switch, this title is pure videogame enjoyment, as it is not difficult to guess how the portability of the Nintendo console combined with the degree of fun and rawness of the Groovy Milk game, can keep you glued to the screen for several hours of non-stop play, net of a somewhat appealing difficulty. An indie that represents a small milestone of the kind. Creepy road, in redneck we trust!