Now the E3 2019 conferences are officially over, but despite this the developers continue to announce news from the showfloor of the fair, and this time it's the turn of cyberpunk 2077. In an interview with VG247 il quest designer by CD Projekt Red Pawel Sasko has revealed that it will be possible to complete the game also without killing anyone. In every single scenario, every secondary quest, and even in the main story, it will be possible to complete everything in a manner pacifist, without any bloodshed and circuits.

Obviously it will be up to the player to choose the way to act, but we are sure that there will be no lack of the crazy who will decide to face the crazy roads of Cyberpunk 2077 in pacifist mode. Finally, we remind you that the release date set for launching cyberpunk 2077 and the 16 April 2020.