Announced i first two characters of DLC part of the 1 Season Pass di Dead or Alive 6. These are two wrestlers from the world of King of Fighters or in this case they will be: Mai Shiramui e Kula Diamond. The first known as "The Alluring Ninja" practices Shiranui ninjutsu. The second nicknamed "Ice Doll", has the power to use ice paralyzing its opponents. We remember that Dead or Alive 6 is available since the first of March, as well as the 1 Season Pass, in the versions: PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. Here is the press release from Koch Media Srl:





Two fantastic characters join the deadly line-up of Team NINJA title fighters

KOEI TECMO Europe and Team NINJA have announced the first two DLC characters arriving in the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 universe: Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond of THE KING OF FIGHTERS. These new characters are part of DOA1's 6 Season Pass.

Mai Shiranui, known to fans of KING OF FIGHTERS as "The Alluring Ninja", is a kunoichi (female ninja) who practices the Shiranui ninjutsu style. The agile fighter uses a large fan as a weapon, generating flames with each attack, and shows no mercy to his opponents, mesmerized by his flashy clothing.

In addition to Mai in DEAD OR ALIVE 6 the "Ice Doll," Kula Diamond will also arrive. This fighter prefers quick attacks and unexpected twists. It also has the power to use ice: it can paralyze its opponents thanks to its ability to instantly freeze water particles in mid-air. Created by the NESTS organization, Diamond loves sweets and looks much younger than his age.


Watch the two characters in action in the new trailer:


Download the new trailer along with the new assets here:


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