There is now little more than a month left when the last chapter of the saga is released Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

In case you are not able to pre-order in time (or simply you are poor like myself) a copy of the collector's edition, there remains the choice to buy a "simple" retail version or buy the game digitally.

If you choose the latter option, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will occupy the beauty of 12 GB of your memory card on Nintendo Switch (11,9 GB to be precise), at least in the Japanese version, as can be clearly seen from the image below.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Card
All clear, no?

In addition, you discover other tasty details, such as that the game requires a subscription to the program Nintendo Switch Online to access some content, although it should be secondary aspects of the game.

Furthermore the game will have compatibility with Amiboo and that in the future (as always, at least in the last chapters) one or more will be available DLC which will include new missions, costumes and Paralogue.

We just have to wait for the 26 July.