Ah, but it's not Lercio. Once again, reality succeeds in overcoming all kinds of expectations. Bernie Sanders, US Senator and one of the presidential candidates of the 2020, has officially opened his own Twitch channel. Simply visitable click here, the channel will start its broadcasts starting tomorrow.

Although many hope to be able to attend memorable moments of gameplay with people like Shroud and Dr. Disrespect, creating a Twitch account is only part of the political strategy with which Bernie Sanders will face the path to the next presidential elections. The purpose, in fact, is to stream live (on Twitch as on Facebook and Youtube) the various meetings that Bernie Sanders will face with his staff, his colleagues and other personalities concerning the most important problems and issues in the country.

For Josh Miller-Lewis, the "social media manager" by Bernie Sanders, the intention is to arrive at real live shows, a format still highly appreciated in the USA today.
"We are moving towards creating more content on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch, targeting an audience that is not yet in contact with too many political content", these are the words of Miller-Lewis.

It will certainly be interesting to understand if, in what way and with what intensity this move will produce the desired effects.