Samurai Shodown and the twelfth title of the series of the same name beat'em up targata SNK dating back to Years' 90, and has been available for: Playstation 4 e Xbox One. This chapter describes the events dating back to immediately after the fifth episode of the saga, namely: Samurai Shodown V (said Spirit Zero Samurai in the land of the rising sun). The game, renewed in graphics but deeply anchored to the game mechanics of the original series, consists of a well-assorted online section, as well as a rich battle mode. The latter in fact offers a series of classic beat'em up challenges in which to try yourself as: survival, time trial, Versus. In this range of game possibilities, always within the battle mode, there is a completely new one called Gauntlet. Also noteworthy is the support of the game for what concerns the world ofEsports given the entry of law of Samurai Shodown in ' EVO,Evolution Championship Series. That is the mecca esports par excellence of the fighting players who have made the history of the genus. Here is the press release from Halifax:






Relive the classic gameplay in all its glaring glory with Haohmaru, Genjuro and many others who, once again, challenge each other with blades!

Today's day marks the long-awaited return to the console of Samurai Shodown , the precursor franchise of fighting games with white weapon fighting! Marking the first release of the series from the 2008, and well 25 years since the release of the original game, Samurai Shodown returns with its characteristic and original approach to combat focused on the use of weapons. This new "reboot" by Samurai Shodown at the launch it presents a roster of 13 among the most loved by fans - in addition to 3 new entry - different characters unlockable through Season Pass, a variety of competitive game modes, and the unique and innovative Dojo Mode.


In addition to the classic Versus Battle Mode, Samurai Shodown offers a number of other modes, where players can sharpen their blades:

  • Training mode: Here players can learn the basics of the game thanks to an accessible tutorial, and then refine their technique in training mode.
  • Online mode: In this mode you can challenge friends or strangers online in one of the many competitive online modes.
  • History mode: Players can follow the adventures of every single character in 18 century Japan, facing a new danger looming over the country
  • Battle Mode: Here you can find a variety of challenges, including Versus, Time Trial, Survival and Gauntlet modes. Those looking for a real challenge will find their way into these ways.
  • Dojo mode: After playing a sufficient number of games, players can compete against their own ghost or against that of other players, and then share their ghost data online, on the leaderboards.

A Season Pass is also available Samurai Shodown that in the coming months I will introduce new characters to the roster. Fans who buy Samurai Shodown before 30 June will receive the Season Pass for free! SNK also announced the complete line-up of DLC characters that will come with the Season Pass in the following order: Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki Kazama and Wan-Fu.

Finally, SNK is pleased to underline how the constant commitment dedicated to the series has led to the inclusion of Samurai Shodown in the Evolution Championship Series, the largest and most historic export event in the world. EVO brings together the best of the best from around the world, in an amazing display of skill and fun, where fans gather to honor the competitive spirit of these titles and crown a champion.

Samurai Shodown Now available in retail version for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

* To take advantage of the free Season Pass, users will have to redeem it manually via PlayStation Network / Microsoft Store before 30 June 2019.