This series of articles has two contemporary purposes. Educational and commercial. They will try to explain as clearly as they are what the various PC components are and at the same time they will guide you in choosing the best components for your purposes.


Triangular houses

The case is the container of your computer. This is what you will see every day, from the outside. It is the main factor that determines the look & feel of your machine. It may seem like the least important component as it doesn't play an active role, but the case can tell a lot more about your personality than the rest of the PC. Today they are also considered "furniture" pieces and their design has evolved a lot over the years.

Format: The only thing to know about houses is their size. They are usually classified as Mini, Mid-tower and Full Tower, to indicate their overall dimensions. The bonuses of having a large case is to be able to insert numerous hard disks and particularly bulky components, such as liquid coolers, many fans and quantities of LEDs to attract every moth for miles. Smaller houses obviously offer greater compactness, so that they can be easily placed in any room.
The air circulates less in small models, but in general the problem of temperatures is kept under control even in microscopic houses, just choose components suitable for the purpose. Several houses support different sizes of motherboards.

The market

Building a PC case requires completely different knowledge than the rest. We talk about plastic and metal forged in the right way. This opens up manufacturing even to companies that do not do much else in the market. When in doubt, look at Corsair, Be Quiet e NZTX.

How to choose

Cheap houses are often packed and designed not to facilitate ease of installation. Many of their internal components are fixed, non-removable and in the middle of annoying. The most expensive can offer beautiful glass windows to admire the interior of the PC, as well as much better designed spaces and numerous assembling and wiring facilitators. The real reason that pushes us to adopt one model over another is the aesthetic factor in the first place. Here let your heart speak first. But then go and check that you are buying something that can support your components in the right spaces.

Shopping tips


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If you need to build a mini PC, above there are several models suitable for the purpose. The cheapest are cubes, functional but not very refined, the others have more console-like shapes.


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Some models, sorted by decreasing price, which offer good structures, excellent aesthetics and good work space, without being giants that are difficult to place in your room.


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If you want space, aim for these models.


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If you want to have a unique and tasty object. From unusual shapes, to completely open designs. At a desk. To a boat.