Here we are to bring you yet another strictly free game. To offer it to us is again theEpic Games Store with its weekly program, which for months has become a regular appointment with titles for other not bad. This time, until 4 July, we will be able to take the Last Day of June home for free, usually sold for the price of 20 euros. You can download it click here. 

Let's talk about the game. Last Day of June is a graphic adventure released in the 2017 for PS4, PC and Switch. Developed by the (very Italian) Ovosonico studio and published by the equally Italian 505 Games, the stock has garnered mostly positive opinions (including PC Gamer) and managed to bring the Italian flag up in the sector.
The soundtrack, another highlight of the made in Italy title, was composed by the well-known Steven Wilson, frontman of the Porcupine Tree. 
Below is the official description of the game and the launch trailer:

"Take part in a journey that starts from Carl and June's favorite place, and tries to unlock the sequence of events that can save June from a tragic epilogue, in this cinematic-style story that will lead you to ask yourself:" What would you be willing to do to save the person you love?
Last Day of June is an interactive story about love and death, created by a team of exceptional developers. "