The producer of the Super Mario Maker series, Takashi Tezuka, recently spoke to Game Informer about the sequel, released a few days ago on Nintendo Switch, as well as the original version of Wii U.

Even today, Tezuka is still surprised by the creations produced by the community, even if the latter even date back to the first game. And in this regard he also stated that he could never have imagined producing from scratch any of the aforementioned creations:

"There's even someone who made a calculator using Super Mario Maker. It was really surprising "

This level of creativity of the players probably inspired Nintendo in the last Super Mario Maker. Tezuka said that one day it is not known how many years there will probably be a day in years to come, when Nintendo will draw heavily from these creations:

"I think we were probably influenced by the things we've seen the game community do so far"

"But I still don't know exactly such a thing, what kind of flair, in a concrete sense, can have in Super Mario games in the years to come. We will release the game so created to see the reaction of the fans, so we will then make decisions on what kind of games to bet in the future, using the same formula. "