Era the distant 2001 when Nintendo, from the prestigious stage of the E3 in Los Angeles, was preparing to present its new jewel: GameCube. In that conference, a young Shigeru Miyamoto unexpectedly announced what would then become, after many years, the first videogame to launch a Nintendo starless Super Mario console, or Luigi's Mansion.

In this video game we play the role of the clumsy brother of Mario who, after unexpectedly winning a home, finds himself dealing with a dismal reality: the house just "awarded" is actually haunted from a large group of ghosts, all with more or less fearsome characteristics.

18 has now passed very long years and the series has seen two chapters pass on Nintendo 3DS (Luigi's Mansion 2 and Luigi's Mansion, remake of the first video game of the same name) and then, in more modern times, the third chapter that will be available soon on Nintendo Switch. We at Parliamo di Videogiochi, thanks to a press invitation kindly granted by Nintendo in that of Milan, we had the opportunity to be able to try a preview of the title.

What mishaps will our poor Luigi face? S

The main goal that Luigi has, as usual, is to eliminate ghosts, but this time he finds himself facing this threat in a huge luxury hotel. In the hotel theoretically his loved ones should be present, Mario and Peach, but as soon as the plumber finds himself inside he realizes that the situation is anything but festive. Thus the fearful Luigi must again solve terrible spectral problems.

The short demo made available to the player only one of the levels available in the title with a small boss fight: to avoid unpleasant spoilers, on this last part, we will not dwell. In this test we had the chance to test some of the new features of the game, but some modalities such as the multiplayer version have unfortunately not been made available.

What immediately comes to mind is the great variety of actions that Luigi can perform: the new vacuum cleaner of the Dr. Strambic, Called Poltergust G-0M, is a powerful technological tool that allows us to be able to defend ourselves from the threats of our enemies. One of the new features introduced is a special one technique called "jerk" which, by pressing two specific keys, it allows us to direct a strong impact of compressed air under our feet, moving away and stunning the ghosts for a few seconds. However there are also the classic techniques seen in the previous titles, such as the possibility to aspire any type of enemy by arming himself with a lot of patience or using a very effective new technique to catch the ghosts: the "Rattling". This literally consists of violently hitting the ghosts around the stage inflicting them hit points quickly. The new mechanic can also be used as a defensive "weapon" towards other ghosts, as well as being sometimes useful for revealing any hidden objects wisely in points of the map.

The new attack technique is a deadly weapon

Obviously the strategy to capture ghosts differs from enemy to enemy: for those who want to use a more "traditional" technique, simply stun them with the torch (Strobobulbo) and then aspirate them with the new powerful tool. If some of the enemies have special equipment to circumvent our tactics, you can take advantage of the new mechanics of the "windy blow", which allows you to stick on any material leaving a string, which you can then aspire for later destroy everything that will cause us problems. We recommend using it also to find out any well-hidden secrets.

Who knows what that box hides ...

Last revelation, but no less important, is the new invention of Dr. Strambic present in the game: or “Gommiluigi". Basically yes it's a clone of Luigi which, as the word suggests, is made of rubber. We were told, although it was not possible to test it, that it will also be usable by playing the story mode in 2 players, and it will be enough to simply use two different joycon to activate it and start the cooperative mode. Our co-star is indispensable to solve some puzzles that it would not be possible to face alone. Such as, for example, crossing without suffering any damage from the tough walls formed by sharp metal surfaces, to recover objects hidden in certain trunks, which our friendly (but cowardly) protagonist would not be able to reach. However even Gommiluigi has a serious enemy with which he will have to deal: water. Once in contact, the co-character will disappear. So be careful.

Gommiluigi can cross any type of wall

Luigi's Mansion 3, at the moment, it does not have a release date yet but will be available later this year. Let's wait together with phantasmagoric anxiety!