Ubisoft certainly didn't skimp on the post-launch support of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Weeks after the release of the story creator available thanks to a dev tools, in fact, the software house has confirmed that the third and last part of the DLC entitled "The judgment of Atlantis"Will be published on 16 July. This umpteenth expansion, in the sequence of events, provides a first look at the reign of Poseidon. And to what leaked, it will be thelast DLC of the game.

The Judgment of Atlantis represents the continuation of the episodes The Destiny of Atlantis and Torment of Hades, published respectively in April and June. Prior to this, another series of DLCs was published in the 2018, entitled Legacy of the First Blade. For a game that is already huge in itself, this beautiful stuff is certainly another nice thing to do in the latest adventure of the well-known assassin.

These contents are both paid. However, Ubisoft has published a series of free additions to the title. In addition to the aforementioned quest creator, a March the modality has been published New Game Plus.