Un federal court has condemned Austin Thompson a 27 months in prison for the role he played in theDDoS attack against various companies and online services that took place in the distant past 2013. Among these are: Battle.net, league of legends, Dota 2 and especially Sony Online Entertainment. The latter a little later, in the 2015, changed its name to Daybreak Game Studios as it became the property of an independent investor.

It gives a Press release of the Office of the United States Attorney of southern California district, widespread da Polygon, it appears that the court also ordered the same Thompson to pay $ 95.000 in return a Daybreak.

The case imputes Thompson as a person behind theTwitter account @DerpTrolling. The latter in fact was guilty of theDDoS attack revealed in advance right from the same. Galeotta was in fact the publication of a screenshot showing the interruption of a server under attack by the aforementioned Twitter account. In particular, Thompson was charged with "damage to a protected computer"And sentenced to 27 months in prison. Detention to be paid starting from next August 23.