Users weren't happy with Sonic's initial design in the film's teaser trailer. In response, Paramount announced that he would postponed the film to redesign a new and more convincing look of the blue hedgehog.

The company has yet to show the new Sonic design, but producer Miller (Deadpool) has had the opportunity to see it and he was satisfied. "The fans will be happy with it"He said to Variety.

"Look, I was on the side of Sonic fans, and so was Jeff. When the discontent hit the fans, I said my: "The most important thing to say is" we were wrong"Said Miller. "[Jeff] He had already sent a tweet an hour before I got there. He is a good man, and it was exactly how he managed the situation at the time. Fans also have a say in the matter, and there is a right way to listen to things."


In announcing change, director Jeff Fowler had thanked the fans for their support and their criticism about the design of Sonic. "The message is strong and clear ... you are not satisfied with the design and want changes. It's going to happen. Everyone in Paramount and Sega is fully committed to making this character in the BEST possible way"Said Fowler.

Initially there were concerns about the excessive workload to which the VFX Team would be submitted for the redesign of Sonic, but the producer has hinted that this was not the case via the #novfxartistswereharmedinthemakingofthismovie.

Sonic is voiced by Ben Schwartz, actor who among other things also lends the voice in Bojack Horseman. Dr Robotnik, on the other hand, is played by Jim Carrey.

We recall that Fowler and Miller were nominated for the 2004 Oscars for the animation short Gopher Broke.