After the excellent work done by Capcom to Resident Evil 2, the fans are anxiously awaiting the other chapters of the saga. In case you are unable to wait, Mathieu Philippe has created one mod HD to Resident Evil 3 call Resident Evil 3 - Seamless HD Project. This project enhances the game's FMV, backgrounds and 3D models, creating a true unofficial remastered edition that only PC gamers will appreciate.

Going into more details, this remastering project perfects the backgrounds with vectorized masks, optimizes the 3D models and the FMVs and improves the menu elements. The modder has also used custom tools to avoid the appearance of lines in the intersections where the masks are applied.

It should be emphasized that its use is not really legal. The mod RE3SHDP is a package of HD textures to be applied to the version Gamecube Resident Evil 3 running on the emulator Dolphin. The package that the team is currently offering for download is made available along with a customized version of Dolphin and you just need to extract the Zip file, open the emulator and start playing.

Obviously the package does not contain any ISO as this would make everything illegal (even if, in practice, so legal it is not).

If you want more information you can log on to official website of the author.