This series of articles has two purposes at the same time: educational and commercial. They will try to explain as clearly as they are what the various PC components are and at the same time they will guide you in choosing the best components for your purposes.


PC accessories diagram

After building the PC with CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Case, Power Supply, it's not over yet. We need peripherals, to manage the ability to give input to the operating system and receive feedback that is not just visual. Let's talk about Mouse, Keyboards and other accessories that complete the workstation.

DPI: This code is usually accompanied by a number and symbolizes the sensitivity of the mouse sensor. These are the dots per inch. The higher this value, the more the mouse moves along the screen as your wrist moves. There is not always the will to want your mouse to fly away at the slightest movement, so the best mice have buttons that change the sensitivity of the sensor on the fly, adapting to the game conditions in real time. High DPIs are comfortable on high resolution screens.

Polling Rate: This value is indicated in Hz and identifies how many times the mouse sends its position information to the computer. The higher this value is, the lower the lag between your command and the reaction on screen. A high value, however, requires more CPU resources.

Mechanical Switches: Keyboards are divided into two categories: membrane and mechanical. The latter use a system of mechanical key actuation, which returns a feeling of superior pressure. Being the mechanical components, these can be built in various ways to give a different feeling. THE Cherry MX they are the standard for mechanical keyboard actuators and are identified by color. Reds are among the most widespread and offer linear feedback. Great to play. The Marroni are all-rounders. They have tactile feedback, that is they return a force to the user when pressed. The Blu are more suitable for the writer, with their great mechanical feedback. Speed ​​variants are optimized for lightning-fast pressures, offering the best performance in games.

Audio Channels: An audio channel identifies a sound coming from a single point. Positional audio is created by combining multiple audio channels together. The minimum number of channels to fully enjoy our hearing system is two. One for the left ear, one for the right. To these we can often add a dedicated low frequency channel, commonly known as a subwoofer. Using multiple audio channels allows you to enjoy a better sound experience. The headphones generally do not have multiple audio speakers in them and achieve their surround sound through software.

driver: Another factor to consider when buying audio material is the size of the speaker, driver. For headphones in particular, drivers larger than 40mm offer better sound quality, managing to better transmit frequencies, especially the lower ones.

The market

Since there are so many peripherals, there are also many manufacturers. Quality and prices vary a lot and understand which accessories are worth and which ones are not difficult. In principle, if you are undecided, Logitech is always a good choice at every price point. They have the best mouse technologies and they are always at the top of the rest of their offer. Likewise, avoid the Trust. Although they may seem functional, their accessories generally have a shorter life span. Yes, you will pay less, but you will get even less. Consider them only as cheap emergency replacements. Some brands specialize in certain products, such as Sennheiser, which produces the best listening headphones on the planet earth.

Shopping tips

Economically efficient

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These are choices to make if you have run out of budget to make the PC and the crumbs remain, or if you have no special needs. Mouse, keyboard, headphones, speakers and an extra body microphone. Functional. From the office.

Average spending

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Here we can find equipment of a certain quality, but that will not tear your wallet. At least not too much. The Logitech 502 mouse is the best you can buy, as the other components are generally seen as the best for their price. The headphones are not at all bad for the price, offering a balanced sound combined with excellent comfort. Their integrated microphone is great, but if you want a dedicated video unit without fainting, the Neewer is a great product.

High cost

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If you have money to invest and want the best, this selection offers some of the best PC accessories. The 502 mouse is the same as the previous band, but offers a wireless module with an even lower latency than the wired model. The mat allows you to take advantage of wireless charging while playing, completely freeing the mouse from the batteries. The keyboard uses cherry browns adapted to the speed with excellent feedback. The headphones are by far the best for gaming. They do not isolate very well from the noise, but the rest of their specifications are worth the price.