News of Gamestop's difficulties, now known for a long time, the videogame community is not surprising.

Already in May the leaders had attempted a reorganization maneuver to try to stop the serious economic situation facing the company. However, the news of a further provision to the detriment of the staff has recently spread.

The MVG youtuber has released a photo of an internal email to the company in a tweet that appeared a few hours earlier on Reddit. The email announces the dismissal of 50 employees in view of a further internal reorganization. It seems to be managers who have failed to achieve goals set in branches such as eSports e retro-gaming, which still seem quite profitable.

For the moment this particular situation concerns the United States but it is certainly an indication of the enormous difficulties that Gamestop has been living for a long time. There can be many reasons, including perhaps a questionable customer policy and an inability to adapt to a constantly changing market.