You all know Garfield as the fat cat, lazy and obsessed with lasagna, but this time the obsession is kart racing.

No one could predict the arrival of a kart game dedicated to the orange cat, but beyond any prediction Garfield Kart: Furious Racing will arrive on PC next November. The game, moreover, is the direct sequel to a previous 2013 kart game always dedicated to Garfield.

The arrival of a Garfield-based racing game may seem strange, but lately the players have shown their love for the kart racing genre, especially if based on Crash Bandicoot or Sonic. If you think about it, it is normal for a company to pursue the wave of kart games, all the more so given the moment.

Garfield Kart: Furious Racing will allow 8 online players (4 in local) to collide on 16 tracks different. The available game modes will go from the classic Grand Prix, Single Race and Time Trial and The playable characters will be 8, all coming from the TV show and everyone will have their own driving style.

Garfield Kar: Furious Racing is expected for 7 November on Steam, for now the game has not received any presentation trailers, but you can view some screens below.

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