Good news for all good old Manhunt fans. Modder 'Danoman' has released a new version of its mod Blood Mon for Manhunt. This mod transforms the game in a real remastered. It goes to improve the textures, the effects (like the particle or the bullet holes), the AI ​​(more aggressive, and can recognize the player from a lot farther away) as well as the feeling of the gunplay (the weapons shoot from a lot more far and, in general, their functioning has been made more realistic).

Blood Moonit also modifies the input and output of damage of firearms and melee (the damage inflicted is the same as that suffered). The main menu has also been slightly modified, ed each scene will have its own custom loading scene.


This 2.0 version of the 'remastered', so to speak, also revises the protruding of the textures, to better adapt them to the levels, makes the blood slightly darker. It also makes the crane's minigame much more responsive and effective, adds HD icons, improves the textures of both the Shotgun Spas and the baseball bat.

Moreover, thanks to the contribution of another modder, ERMACCER, the PSG1 sniper rifle is available and the execution with the scythe at the beginning of Key Personnel. As already mentioned, the AI ​​has been slightly modified, with different running speeds and health bars. The life of every boss, among other things, has been nerfata (except for Piggsy who is now superfast).

In short, quite a nice job, no doubt about it. Those interested can download the mod directly from this link.