The E3 2019 has recently passed, but a scandal seems to have fallen on this edition.

It would seem in fact that ESA (Electronic Software Association), a company that deals with the preparation of the American videogame event, has accidentally published the sensitive data of at least 2.025 Journalists, youtuber and analysts belonging to the sector of Games from all over the world.

The list (which includes a long one list of emails, addresses and telephone numbers of many colleagues and industry experts) stayed on site for a short period of time only to be promptly removed.

Immediately after the crime, an ESA spokesman has issued a statement, through a press release, publicly apologizing for what happened, as we can see from the message below:

ESA was informed of a vulnerability on the website that made the contact list of registered journalists attending E3 public. After notification, we immediately took steps to protect this data and close the site, which is no longer available. We are sorry for this event, we have implemented measures to ensure that they no longer occur.

SOURCEventure beat
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