Il film di Sonic the Hedgehog it is now famous all over the world, unfortunately not for the reasons hoped for. The design of the blue hedgehog has puzzled (to put it mildly) everyone and the same producers have finally chosen to postpone the film, initially scheduled for the end of the 2019.

On the situation he wanted express Jim Carrey, interpreter of Dr. Eggman, who did not take very well the choice of postponement and, in general, the protests of all the fans:

I really don't know what I feel for the public that has sparked controversy. We'll see what it entails because sometimes you discover that the collective conscience decides that it wants something and then when it gets it it's all a "I wanted to protest, but I really didn't care. I just got on the wagon "

The concluding sentence summarizes then a problem that, indeed, several times has been taken into consideration:

We are losing control of anything.

On the fan side it will certainly be a pleasure to see Sonic with a design closer to that of video games, but this situation could be a precedent for so many new protests whenever a work does not fully reflect the will of the fanbase, leaving no more freedom to scriptwriters, producers and directors to actually do their work.

What do you think? Do you agree with the words of Jim Carrey or do you think that a work based on a book and / or video game must be as faithful as possible?