SNK announced Sunday during the course ofthe Evolution Championship Series 2019 which will release a new character every month for his Samurai Showdown, until the end of the year. By making a quick calculation we can deduce that 5 new personagesi will join the fighting game roster by December, while one has already been confirmed for the 2020.

The characters DLC they will be:

  • August: Rimururu
  • September: Shizumaru Hisame
  • October: Basara
  • November: Kazuki Kazama
  • December: Wan-Fu

Mina Makijina has been confirmed in Season 2 DLC in the 2020, along with other 3 characters not yet announced.

The game is out in June su PlayStation 4 e Xbox One and is preparing to land on Nintendo Switch e PC during the winter.