The stand of Cyberpunk 2077 at gamescom it is one of the most beautiful: it perfectly reconstructs one of the infamous gaming bars, excluding drinks. What is hidden inside, however, is definitely more interesting, or a long demo that shows us many elements of the title. The video is the same as shown at E3 and has not yet been revealed to the public.

The Cyberpunk 2077 game session opens showing the potential of the character design, which allows extensive customization: you can choose any detail of the character, including of course the tone of the skin, the nose and the shape of the ears. What is more interesting is the decision of personal style, from street hooligan to business man. This characterization is not only aesthetic, but it also influences the way we talk is we relate, for example more or less direct and with slang.
It is obviously also possible to choose how to make our character grow: by increasing intelligence or physical strength, the gameplay can vary widely. This can make us skilled hackers or monstrous war machines, changing the way we approach missions. You can still mix skills, creating the perfect warrior. In the gameplay we witnessed these elements were fully present: the same companies were relived with a digital expert and then with a fighter. The approach to combat can therefore be directed towards it stealth, which includes hackers any object or even people, or towards total massacre. For example, greater physical strength allows you to open locked doors, no small skill. A hacker, on the other hand, can easily disable cameras and security systems.

Our mission takes us to a nest of Animal, a tribe of criminals doped after taking a shady "juice", which allows them to strengthen their muscle mass up to ridicule. Once we have chosen how to deal with them, we infiltrate the shopping center where they have returned and we give all our abilities the bottom, finally facing the mammoth woman at their head, who seems unbeatable.

After these 45 minutes of demo, really flown, I'm even more convinced by Cyberpunk 2077, which confirms the game to wait with anxiety. In addition to solid gameplay, quite classic in some aspects and innovative in another, the title shows a lot of interesting details, including the enormous possibility to customize our character and his lifestyle. All with a priceless style, which will undoubtedly go out of fashion in the real world: so let's get ready to dress in punk samurai jackets and ride Yaiba Kusanagi at full speed, listening to rock music.