Another high-level developer leaves Bioware. After Ben Irving, Anthem's lead producer, it's now the turn of Fernando Melo, lead producer of Dragon Age 4.

The announcement was made through the account Twitter of Melo. His departure marks the end of 12 years of work with Bioware. He had also worked on Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 before becoming the main producer of the next game in the series.

In an email sent to other Bioware Edmonton members, Melo explained that he wanted "Take some time to disconnect and understand what [he would like] to focus on".

The email also expresses optimism about the release of the next chapter and the enthusiasm to see the final product:

"With an excellent leadership team, a fantastic creative vision and some of the best developers in the world, Morrison is well on its way to becoming the ultimate Dragon Age experience - and I am incredibly proud and honored to have played a part in this. I will look forward to the opportunity to try the next Dragon Age, this time as a fan. "

In any case, work on the next Dragon Age game continues. Bioware has not yet assigned an official title to the game, at the moment it is simply called Dragon Age 4.