Another indie title joins the list of small gems unearthed during gamescom 2019: it is about Minute of Islands, realized by Studio Fizbin and distributed by Mixtvision. The Indie Arena hosted hundreds of games, so it wasn't easy to choose which one to test, but Minute of Islands struck me from the first glance.

The game is a puzzle-platformer with fairly classic gameplay: our protagonist, an engineer named Mo, can move, jump, climb walls and interact with some objects next to her. His only "weapon" is a stick with a special compass, which seems to emanate a strange reddish energy, which is able to operate on technological artifacts of the island we are exploring. Our land definitely needs help: poisonous spores and hallucinogens have invaded it, and the generators capable of keeping the air clean no longer work, forcing the population to migrate elsewhere. It is precisely in this desolate land, populated by disturbing giants, that we find ourselves walking in the demo, with the aim of reactivating at least the two generators close to us.

To do this, however, we must teach ourselves and interact with various sets of ladders and switches, necessary to activate contraptions such as lifts or pulleys, which are apparently a bit in danger. It is not easy to advance in the greenish fog, contaminated by the harmful mold that invades our lungs.

The atmosphere is characterized by a dualism between the adorable protagonist and a world painted in pastel colors, but definitely disturbing. Remains of old houses, inhabitants with gas masks and intoxicated animals welcome us along life, all surrounded by a blue and uncontaminated sea. The effect is truly remarkable. I played the demo for half an hour, but I would have liked to last longer: Minute of Islands is the classic title that knows how to convey emotions, and it does it anyway offering a more than decent gameplay, and not limiting itself to telling a story we are witnessing passively. I therefore advise you to keep an eye on him, anxiously waiting for his release, scheduled for next spring 2020, on PC and on all consoles.