When we talk about video games (unwanted quote, I swear) and PETA we usually do it for reasons that are not exactly positive: many times the organization that defends the rights of animals has thrown itself against software houses for the destiny often linked to animals in electronic games.

But this time it is the exact opposite: PETA wanted to honor and reward the new Cooking Mama: Cookstar for having introduced a vegetarian mode, in full respect therefore of the animals.

Here's how PETA enthusiastically describes this mode:

The "vegetarian mode" of Cooking Mama will surely be a success for the huge population of players committed to choosing kindness rather than cruelty. PETA honors Planet Digital Partners for showing other game publishers how to create fantastic games in line with the values ​​of the players.

Definitely the new one Cooking Mama: Cookstar everyone will be happy, both those who eat meat and vegetarians, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy cooking what they prefer. Do you think it's a right solution or shouldn't the video game world be influenced by these diatribes?