The gamescom offers not only games to try: much of the experience consists in wandering among wonderful booths, which compete to fascinate the curious customer. My favorite stand this year was FriendTimes, without a doubt

The oriental style, the gacha with which to try to win puppets, the paper lanterns ... all exercised on me an incomparable charm. Not to mention the photo area, to be immortalized with a beautiful empress. What was inside the booth, however, was just as interesting, and above all very very nice: we're talking about Yokai Kitchen, a mobile game that combines all the best things in the world. Food? There is. Cute little monsters to raise? Done. Delicious yokai waifu with which to interact? We have them.

Yokai Kitchen is basic a management system, in which we can open our restaurant and customize it to our liking, choosing the recipes and all the furniture and the various decorations. However, our staff of cooks and waiters is very peculiar: they are very powerful Yokai, or traditional jokes of Japanese folklore, reworked for the occasion. Let's be clear: they are beautiful beings, and even just collecting them all is a big part of the fun. They can be summoned using scrolls or in-game currency, and as you can imagine they vary in rarity and difficulty in being obtained.

Once we get a Yokai, we can interact with it, caress it, empower it and then send it into battle. The second soul of the title is that of dungeon crawler: we can explore mazes to defeat enemy monsters and make them prisoners. Dungeons are not randomly generated: the path is always the same, but available rewards and monsters vary. They are the Foodimon, which we can raise and nurture to get rewards from them, somewhere between a Harvest Moon and the classic Pokémon. My heart has completely melted for the carrot-sheep, from which we can get both meat and vegetables: the perfect diet.

In Yokai Kitchen there are also some battles in real time, although at first sight quite simplified. It is actually difficult to understand how demanding they really can be, given that the demo team we could try was extremely powerful and over-leveled. You can choose whether to let the game fight automatically or take the situation in hand, deciding personally what special attacks our Yokai perform. Although not brilliant, the gameplay certainly stands out in variety, and appears to be well made.

We are faced with a game that therefore combines a management component with an exploratory, collection and combat component. Definitely lots of meat for a mobile title, which seems able to become a real drug. Being a free to play, there are obviously limitations, such as a maximum number of daily attempts to deal with a dungeon, which can be partially avoided with the microtransactions. FriendTimes seems to be creating titles that are fairly well balanced from this point of view, which they manage to entertain even without putting their hand in their wallets. There are also numerous rewards for daily log-in and other actions.

If you like playing on smartphones, love the cute little monsters, the kitchen management or the beautiful Yokai, this is the title for you. There are so many elements that it contains, which is a bit 'for the 90% of users of PDVG who has a phone suitable for the game. The title will arrive in Europe between next fall / winter, while it is already popular in Asia.

Finally enjoy the opening of the game, I offer: