The beautiful oriental booth of FriendTimes at gamescom 2019 hosted a second mobile title, plus Yokai Kitchen which you can read here. It is Fate of the Empress, an ambitious project: an RPG set in ancient China, in which we are called to impersonate the ruler, choosing his genre. The title was strangely familiar to me, and I have not yet managed to understand if in the past I came across facebook in one of those questionable GIFs that advertise games showing images that are completely different from the real ones. Whether it happened or not, Fate of the Empress is a completely different title than the treacherous acchiappaclick ones.

The first impact with the game is fascinating: the character editor is much more complex than those of many famous games. You can change the shape of the empress's face to your liking, as well as hairstyle, make-up, eyes and eyebrows. Basically you could spend a good part of the game to take care of being beautiful, which I really liked. The outfits available are literally hundreds, and once you choose the one that suits your mood, you can dedicate yourself to one photo session. As often appears in these titles, we can make our character pose as we prefer, choosing from countless positions and looks, some of which can only be purchased with microtransactions. Moreover in photo mode we can also choose the time of day and the weather: why not take photos in winter under the snow or romantic shots at sunset?

Once the toilet is finished, we can decide to spend a few minutes actually governing the country. Fate of the Empress offers a complex and interesting plot, chock full of court intrigues, which unfortunately I could not explore for a simple reason: the playable build was all in Chinese. Not a small problem! I am therefore very curious to put my hand on the Western version. But what I do know for sure, as explained to me by those who were present at the booth, is that there is a vast selection of suitors to choose from, and that it is very fun to engage in the game of couples. The unlockable characters are numerous, all obviously beautiful, and it is also possible to get a court puppy. Real kittens, nothing less.

Fate of the Empress also offers an impressive one communication mode among the various players: the characters of others can appear in our game and you can interact in various ways. I find it a very important element in a similar title, also because showing your protagonist to others is a good 90% of the fun: can we even brag a little? It is a pity not to have been able to grasp all the details of the connectivity because of the language, but without a doubt everything will become clearer as we approach the release date in the west, which is scheduled for first half of the 2020.

A few words about microtransactions: there are and like most mobile games, they are rather invasive. However, they assured me that every single purchasable element is purely aesthetic, and that almost everything can be unlocked even just by playing, with a lot of patience. I really appreciate this approach in free to play.

Fate of The Empress is a significant mobile title: offers many activities and is characterized by a pleasant and good quality graphic. I am sure that he will be able to find his niche of fans in Europe because, let's face it, create beautiful characters, make them fall in love, take pictures and - in his spare time - governing an empire, many of us would like.