The exclusives of theEpic Games Store have attracted attention and hatred towards the by now consolidated video game showcase competitor of Steam. If many companies have been convinced by the economic proposals of Epic to make their games exclusive to the new platform, it seems that this will not be the case for Bandai Namco.

In fact, in a recent interview Hervé Hoerdt, one of the European marketing managers of Bandai Namco, stated that the Japanese company is potentially interested in releasing its products on theEpic Games Store, but not to grant them exclusively. The motivation would be to want to make your titles accessible to as many people as possible, and releasing a product exclusively on a specific digital store would certainly not help achieve this goal. Hoerdt has nevertheless expressed interest in collaborating with the platform, but he will do so only when he is open to anyone.

The position statement of Bandai Namco it is clear and decisive. The Japanese company has chosen to adopt a strategy of openness to users, precluding potential earnings offered by epic Games. We will see if in the future things will change, both from Bandai both by Epic. For the moment, don't expect to see Bandai titles drop out Steam.