The Private Division took part in gamescom for the first time and he did it with an absolutely enviable line-up: Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (don't miss it our interview with Patrice Désilets), The Outer Worlds and Disintegration. If enough was already known about the first two, Disintegration was the one we wanted to learn more about. Here's what we've seen.

After a short presentation video, the guys from V1 Interactive (team behind Disintegration development) tell us a little about the team's history.
V1 Interactive is a small studio of about thirty people founded by the co-creators of Halo and SOCOM: US Navy SEALs, based in Seattle. Given the narrowness of the group, everyone is able to put their ideas on the table, creating a sincere and equal partnership.


Without going too far, let's talk about the game now. Disintegration presents itself as a FPS strongly influenced (aesthetically and not only) by Halo.
The game is set in a not too distant future of the earth, where men, now decimated and at risk of extinction, manage to find ways to survive through a process called "integration". Integration consists of implanting the brain of a human being in a robotic body, guaranteeing protection and extraordinary abilities. The integrated, this is the name of the new men, expected to use this solution only momentarily. Over the years, the integrated become a true caste intent on dominating the world and, of course, killing the last remaining human beings. In Disintegration, however, we do not play in the shoes of a human but of an integrated rebel, Romer.
The game, in addition to the single player mode, also focuses on multiplayer. We could try the title, in fact, in a local 5v5 game.


In Disintegration we do not control a single character but a crew formed by a flying mech (from which we take the view) and three other "minor" units, each with its own special abilities. There are various types of crew, each of you having one of the classic roles like tank, dps and supporter.
Technically we see that the game still needs a touch up, starting from the commands that, at least initially, are quite uncomfortable to manage. After that, the found of the crew is certainly something that can give the right dose of uniqueness in a title like this.
We can't wait to try it again during an even more advanced phase of development, hoping it could be the fresh breeze that the genre certainly needs.