In a post on the website of EA, the senior producer Ryan Mcarthur stated that the 5vs5 mode, scheduled for Battlefield V, has been canceled. This elimination is defined as "a difficult decision" but it was taken to better manage the bugs and publish new content more quickly.

"The increased focus on improving the quality of the experience and adding more desired content has led us to take a step back from our original plans to offer a competitive 5v5 mode. Not creating this mode was a difficult but vital decision for us to more quickly reach our goals for eliminating bugs and content. This change in focus allows us to keep our promise of new content, which we know our players will love, as well as providing new ways to enjoy some of our most intense, existing modes. "

In short, it seems that the 5vs5 mode has not aroused the interest hoped for by DICE, who has therefore decided that it would have been better to focus on improving the already existing ones and that they always tend to offer large-scale battles, also to differentiate themselves from the rival Call of Duty.