When Carrion it was announced at the E3 2018 (and later confirmed in this year's edition), it immediately left me with an excellent impression, so after discovering that the title would be shown in a preview at gamescom, I decided not to miss the opportunity to try it in preview.

The title, developed by the boys of Phobia Games Studios, and distributed by Devolver Digital, it's a interesting Metroidvania in horror format, which also combines small action platform mechanics.

The monster of Carrion which, according to the developer, does not have a specific name, since the intent of the creator was to try to put the player in the best position with the creature, he is a prisoner of a capsule in a mysterious scientific laboratory. Fortunately, the entity, however, has a superhuman strength and, thanks to this gift of his, he manages to free himself from the prison where scientists had locked him up.

And it is precisely from this episode that our story begins. If Carrion initially shows himself to be a weak monster, to strengthen himself and prove to be more powerful the parasite needs to eat fresh meat. And what can be a better natural source than unsuspecting scientists or security guards scattered around dungeons?

At the beginning of the test, the main objective is to try to survive by hiding in the pipes or in the air ducts. Using this technique, you can to prepare ambushes to the ill-timers on duty and eat them. Fortunately, as you feed on them, you get one mass that is useful not only to be more formidable in the eyes of the enemies, but also to make you a being of formidable powers.

In addition to collecting this "biomass", in the path of the game you can also find other laboratory samples that can be absorbed and that guarantee new skills. While spreading the infection throughout the lab complex in which he was imprisoned, the player is able to travel freely back and forth between the areas he has explored, perhaps discovering new areas with additional powers.

Of course, to balance the difficulty of the title, humans try to defend themselves in every way: as you progress, too the difficulty increases. In fact, they were present in the trial Armored enemies with assault rifles or commanders dressed in a fireproof suit and armed with flamethrowers, who try everything to drive us out and burn the alien threat.

Fire can be very dangerous.

The test we did in the colorful Devolver Digital stand convinced us and we hope that the title will debut soon. Recall that Carrion, the modern blob of Devolver Digital, is expected to arrive on PC in the 2020.