Every week Epic Games Store he got us used to his free game, but apparently it wasn't enough to convince you to download their client and that's why they now double the offer and this week the games available are celeste e Inside.

If you have never heard of celeste until today, it means that you don't follow the gaming world much. Released at the beginning of the 2018 celeste, indie platform game, has been incredibly successful, especially at the critical level, thanks to a story with emotional content of great impact.

Inside it is always part of the indie scene, but even if the structure remains that of the platform game, it has a much more accentuated puzzle game component.

By reviewing the trailer, long-time players cannot fail to find similarities with a great title from the past by the name of Another World.

Also Inside, as celeste, it was a game that picked up awards when it came out.

Remember that games are available at Epic Games Store until 5 September, so give yourself a move.