During a recent interview published on the official website of Square-Enix, the president of the Japanese giant Yosuke Matsuda stated the following: "when we launched Luminous Productions, initially, it was mainly composed of the staff behind Final Fantasy XV. The studio is based in Japan and has its own studio which is different from that of any other team under Square Enix. My hope is that it can evolve into a studio capable of creating high quality games that can meet the expectations of players all over the world. " Matsuda said about the creation of the games: "the team is currently working on a new intellectual property Triple A. "

Takeshi Aramaki, boss of Luminous Productions, he added:  “With regards to the number of our projects, we have several active production lines, which also include the development of the graphic engine and the research and development sector. "

Takeshi Aramaki then concluded by stating: "As we all know, Square Enix has a number of very popular games in its line-up, like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The intent of Luminous Productions is to develop a new title of the same level as the latter. We want to provide our public with a new IP that can be sold throughout the world. "