Only three days to go until one of the videogames titles arrives most anticipated of the year, Borderlands 3. In case this news alone was not enough to create a hyping remarkable, 2K and Gearbox have decided to increase the dose, anticipating today the publication of cinematic trailer for the launch. You can see the trailer below.

Borderlands 3 has system requirements very flexible and designed to make the game available to everyone - if you want to make sure you have thehardware what you need, you can consult them Let us know if you have any suggestions For the rest, the wait has almost come to an end. The preload of the game will be available on the Epic Games Store 48h before launch, which means at midnight of September 11. Two days later, Borderlands 3 will definitely come out on the Epic Games Store. Unlike the usual, the exclusive on Epic it will last six months instead of a year - at the end of this, the game will also arrive on Steam.