An old world that is dying, a mysterious island inhabited by ancestral creatures, a vast and wild territory to explore, total freedom of choice and complete customization of the adventure in every aspect. These are the premises of GreedFall, the new Action-RPG of the independent development team Spiders, which presents itself as one of the most anticipated titles of the month of September. The small French software house that has just over twenty employees has promised the public a mammoth project: they will have succeeded in their enterprise, or it will be a video game "in the media" like the previous ones Bound by Flame and The Technomancer?

The plot

The story in the universe of GreedFall begins in Selene, a port city inspired by Europe early seventeenth century, where the population is being decimated by an incurable disease that is spreading relentlessly, the Malicore. The only hope left is a wild island discovered a few years ago Teer Fradee, an earthly paradise inhabited by creatures steeped in magic, where the natives live in symbiosis with nature, and where it is rumored to exist a cure for the deadly Malicore. In the campaign of GreedFall embody De Sardet, a diplomat appointed by the Selene royals to explore the island and seek the riches it has to offer. In the game world they are present six factions: the Congregation of Merchants, the Natives of the island, the Nauti pirates, the soldiers of the Guardia del Conio, the alchemists of the Alliance of the Bridge and the religious nation of Theleme. The player is left complete freedom of choice on the alliances to be pursued, on diplomatic or military relations to be undertaken and on the enemies to be made along the way. Without making further plot spoilers, it remains to say that GreedFall offers a fair number of different endings, that can present themselves to the player at the end of the main campaign. Every action you take during the game can have consequences on the other characters and on the world around us, which leads to ending the adventure in radically different ways between one end and the other.

Freedom of choice on everything

In addition to presenting different ways to finish the game, in GreedFall the player is left total freedom on virtually every aspect of the adventure. Starting from the creation of the character, which as in any self-respecting RPG allows a wide range of aesthetic customization and more. In addition to the classic tree of ability in fact there are also two other tables in the progression menu Attributes and talents, which allow us to improve our example Carisma, to unlock dialogues that would otherwise be inaccessible, or ours Force, to wear heavier armor and weapons, handicraft to increase our forging skills, and so on. The combinations are virtually endless.

Often in many titles belonging to the now abused RPG genre, this customization remains end in itself in quest, which can almost always be solved only with combat, or at most with it stealth. In GreedFall fortunately It is not so, and the way you build your character is extremely relevant during the various missions, since every single one quest of the game can be completed in more ways than one. Not only multiple endings at the end of the game, but multiple endings even in ordinary missions. To give an example present in the early stages of the game, our goal is to introduce ourselves into a building to retrieve documents: we can do this by fighting against the guards openly, but in this case the reputation with that faction would drop, or we could introduce ourselves from a secondary entrance, but only if we have the ability to break in, or we can still put the guards to sleep if we have a potion that can be brewed with alchemy. In short, every type of player can find it in GreedFall style which is more suited to personal tastes, thanks to an immense variety of choices, which also favors the replayability of the title.

As for the combat system, tied to the Talents and Attributes we develop, and therefore to the weapons we can equip, the title offers a good variety of weapons melee light and heavy. For those who love to fight on distance, in GreedFall the options are not lacking, given that firearms, magic rings, and traps allow the player to stay at a safe distance from the dangerous creatures that are placed on our path, provided of course to sacrifice resistance in exchange for the security of a weapon ranged.

A world to be discovered

Teer Fradee it is literally a Eden all to discover. A naturalistic paradise that offers breathtaking views also thanks to the proprietary graphics engine of the developers, the Silk Engine. Landscapes, but also urban environments, are cared for in every detail, and offer variety and joy for the eyes wherever our journey takes us. The level design it is well cared for, and rewards the player who also explores the most remote corners of the scenarios with small gems and secrets, perhaps reachable only in the event that this characteristic has been leveled rather than another. The atmosphere that you breathe on the mysterious island full of magic is really one of the best strengths of this GreedFall. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of the enemies facing us: not because the AI ​​is badly managed, but for the poor variety of normal monsters present in the various areas. If in fact the settings are varied and original, the groups of mob simple they are almost always the same type of beasts, making the fights slightly monotonous in the long run, and taking away that thrill of discovery on which so much the name toll points Spiders. Instead, they are different boss fight of the title: each boss boasts a unique design, very inspired, and completely different from one another. These mammoth magical creatures also require a well-studied approach to succeed in combat, as they have very long HP bars, which are difficult to lower, while we go down with just one or two shots of these sylvan monsters.

In conclusion, if it were not for the little variety of enemies and for some graphic glitches, or interpenetration of models and the camera in the dialogues (but that the developers have already announced that they have fixed with the patch of the day one), it seems almost unthinkable to look GreedFall and to say that it was developed by such a small team. The publisher Focus Home Interactive has once again given confidence to the French studio Spiders, which has shown how even an indie studio can succeed in proposing a huge RPG - well done, among other things - worthy of the most renowned software houses of Tripla A.