PT the playable teaser trailer created by Kojima and Del Toro for what was supposed to be the new Silent Hill returns to terrify us, but in a different way.

Have you ever wondered where sounds, moans and strange shadows come from visible with the torch inside PT? This question also arose in the head of the Youtuber Lance Mcdonald, but unlike us he found the answer.

If you have played PT you will know well who is Lisa, the disturbing figure and enemy present in the Silent Hill teaser trailer, but where do the inqueting sounds she emits come from? Well, Lance through a camera hack he discovered that Lisa is still behind the player.

"In PT it is common to hear noises as if Lisa were right behind you, or to see strange shadows moving in front of you, but when you turn around there is nothing. I hacked the game to allow the player to see behind them without actually turning around and ... "  This is the tweet released by Lance after discovering Lisa's peculiar behavior, a behavior created specifically to generate anxiety in the player, as if PT wasn't scary enough.

What do you think of the system used in the teaser of the now defunct Silent Hill to generate anxiety? Do you still have the demo installed on your 4 Playstation?
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