Le microtransactions strike also Sea Of Thieves, as part of theSeptember update. This has indeed introduced the parakeets, parrots that will give the player less than 500 old coins - the digital equivalent of 5 pounds, or the time it takes to drop the new ones Ancient skeletons the currency in question. Hey, just because you're pirates, that doesn't mean you can't take part in that beautiful world called capitalism.

Sea Of Thieves

The Pirate Emporium, this is the name of the Sea Of Thieves microtransaction shop, will be updated every month with new stocks. At the moment, there are standard cosmetic pieces, such as various emotes and clothes for animals and parrots, along with items of furniture for ships and so-called heritage objects - or themed accessories of old rare games. A seven-piece set of Banjo-Kazooie is currently on offer: figurehead, hull, sails, winch, wheel, flag and cannon.

The game currency can be purchased directly from within Sea Of Thieves. It ranges from 100 Ancient Coins for 1,34 Euro up to 4050 Ancient Coins for 31,36 Euro. You can read all the bundled prices directly at this link.

If on the one hand it will not be necessary to spend real money to acquire this new currency in Sea Of Thieves, on the other it is not known how often these Ancient Coins will be dropped. The Ancient Skeletons will certainly be rare, but it is still not clear how much.

"We are finally pleased to announce the opening of the Pirate Emporium", Said the developer during the update disclosure. "This store is the home of new and exclusive items that can be yours in exchange for Ancient Coins, a new currency in Sea Of Thieves that you can buy with your real money."

"There is also the small possibility of finding rare Ancient Skeletons around the world carrying bags full of Ancient Coins on their shoulders."

And you, what do you think? Are you in favor or against the phenomenon of microtransactions, which today seem to have spread like wildfire within the videogame medium?