It's relatively late but we can't wait any longer to give you one of the best Free is always Beautiful. For a limited period of time (we do not know precisely until when), it will be possible to completely redeem AGGRATIS one of the best video games ever: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The operation is a bit more complicated than usual, involving the new launcher just released by Rockstar.

First of all click here to go to the official page of the Rockstar Games Launcher. Then download and install the program, then log in with your Rockstar Social Club credentials (if you do not have an account, of course create it).
Once inside, on your left you will immediately find the only two games available for now: Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Click on it, redeem it and you're done. The version is obviously the one for the PC and, as already said, it is not known until when the offer will last. So hurry up and take it for you and spread the word!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas